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4669 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC, V5H 2B3

604 437 0318

Alexandr Gerchikov is one of Vancouver’s esteemed jewellery designers. View his custom pro folio online along with Trio Diamond and Gold’s consignment jewellery.

Custom Designs

Custom Design Experience

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We begin custom orders by meeting individually with each client in-studio or over the phone to discuss the 5-step design process: Custom Orders are begun by consultation in which we discuss what materials, stones, and the piece you are looking to design.

Following the consultation we create a virtual sketch in which the client can review and critique. Based on the client's satisfaction we either make adjustments or continue on to the next step.

After approving the chosen design, the design is carved in wax either by hand or by a 3D Mill, depending on the piece. When a wax mold has been generated, it is shown to the client for review once more before production commences. By taking a closer look at a wax model, one is able to grasp a better idea of what, in fact, their final product will look like. 

If stones are being place in the piece, this is when you will have a chance to see them from every angle, and inspect them so that they are to your standard.

At this point, the collaborative process is complete and we are ready to begin production. This includes casting in desired metal such as silver, gold, platinum; cleaning and polishing; assembling; stone setting and finishing.

Our goal is to provide you with a high quality unique piece of jewellery!